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Friends! Lovers!

We’ve finally finished “Season of Hope”! This album took us over 2 years to complete and it was worth every minute. We are humbly thankful for the generous amount of financial contributors that made this happen and we appreciate your patience for all of the delays. We hope you enjoy this album as much as we did creating it!

-Jason & Alissa

Digital Download $4.99

Physical CD $9.99

Featured Song #1: “Take Take”

Featured Song #2: “Say Anything”

Featured Song #3: “Run Away Home”

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Music Produced by: Jason Green
All Songs Recorded by: Jason Green @ Gang Green Studios
Mixed & Mastered by: Graham Cochrane

Vocals: Alissa Jandt & Jason Green
Lyrics: Alissa Jandt & Jason Green
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar,
Ukelele, Piano, Strings,
Pad, Synth
: Jason Green
Additional Strings (on “Winter”): Andrew Joslyn
Bass: Jason Gray
Drums: Cody Rahn

©2012 Everyday Jones. All Rights Reserved.

“Take Take”

“Lillie’s Song”


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